Every hunting camp has a practical joker

Grand Forks Herald

"Are you nuts?" Asked my wise and loving wife with a moan of exasperation. "You're going on another hunting trip with Tim? You haven't had enough of his practical jokes?"...

Oslo, Minn., native Chuck Dahlstrom and hunting partner Berkano of Hundgaard enjoy a moment with late season-roosters in this 2008 photo. On more than one occasion, Dahlstrom writes, he's been on the receiving end of hunting buddy Tim Anvinson's pranks. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Dahlstrom)
Notorious hunting camp prankster Tim Anvinson of Oslo, Minn., "poses" as a determined dall sheep hunter armed with a knife in this long-ago photo from Chuck Dahlstrom. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Dahlstrom)
Ever the prankster, Tim Anvinson of Oslo, Minn., stands atop a horse during one of the many adventures he's taken with long-suffering friend and hunting partner Chuck Dahlstrom. "No, he wasn't trying to get a better view of the mountain side," Dahlstrom writes. "He was just 'striking a pose.' He was totally surrounded by thick spruce and couldn't see more than 20 feet in any direction. (Photo courtesy of Chuck Dahlstrom)

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