Kendall Jenner is too cool to wear a fanny pack on her fanny

Tech 19-6-2017 Mashable 15

Cool girl Kendall Jenner doesn't play by society's rules.

Just when you thought fashion couldn't get any more straightforward than the always-practical fanny pack, Jenner puts her own model-off-duty flare on the trend and shakes things up by wearing it not on her fanny, but over her shoulder and under her armpit. 

Kendall, sweetie, that's not how you wear it.

Kendall, sweetie, that's not how you wear it.

Image: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

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...Do you think she knows she's wearing it wrong? Should someone tell her? 

For one, this seems way more cumbersome and uncomfortable than wearing the pack around your waist. Second, why not just wear a cross-body purse? Same thing, pretty much.  Read more...

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