Full Metal Jackets

Tech 29-10-2017 Mashable 500

Battle jackets and the alternative music scene have been intertwined for decades. Most closely linked with the rise of Punk and Metal in the late '70s and early '80s, the genesis of battle jackets dates further back to the emergence of the American biker scene, where denim or leather cut-off vests were adorned with badges and patches that identified what group a biker was from as well as affiliations or any allegiances

Deeply tribal, the jackets were adopted into the alternative music scene for a similar purpose, minus the ingrained violent outlaw connotations.

My interest in battle jackets stems from my interest in metal music in addition to the curiosity I have in the social, tribal, and individualist aspects of their place in (predominantly) metal culture. The jackets are an interesting contradiction – at once a symbol of the wearer's unique and specific tastes and interests as well as an emblem of belonging to a specific and niche community within the metal scene Read more...

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