Hoyas ban cellphones as part of "Actual Reality" promo

Hoyas ban cellphones as part of
There will be no selfies from Section 118 of Georgetown's Jan. 20 basketball game against St. John's. That's because the Hoyas are outlawing cellphones in that part of the arena as part of their "Actual Reality" promotion for the Big East game. With a touch of irony, Georgetown's marketing department announced the idea Wednesday on Twitter while laying out some of the groundrules for fans who sign up. No phones will be allowed; nametags will be distributed to encourage face-to-face conversations; and fans in the section will receive a printed sheet of halftime stats. "The future is all virtual reality, and soon you won't even have to go to games -- you can just sit in your living room and watch," said Chris Grosse, the athletic department's head of marketing. "My job is to get people to come to games, so we wanted to kind of pick fun at the way things are trending and showcase that we still have a really fun product and it's worth it to actually come out... 
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