Photoshop battle of a little dog destroying a sofa is all the drama you could ask for

Tech 13-2-2018 Mashable 13

Hell hath no fury like a dog left alone with a sofa.

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The Photoshop battle subreddit got a treat when this photo popped up on the site.

Plenty of drama already inherent in that image, so without further ado here are the masterpieces that came flowing forth from the source.

Image: argi_/reddit/Imgur/universal pictures

Image: argi_/mandal0re/imgur

Image: argi_/theblazingphoenix/imgur/20th century fox

Image: argi_/241baka/imgur

Image: Argi_/mandal0re/imgur

Image: argi_/cheeseburgess/imgur/lucasfilm

Well done little dog, you really showed that sofa who's boss. Read more...

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