With All Those Phones, He Should Have Called For Backup

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Howard Rost for sending in today’s report from Houston, Texas. Our bozo staked out a cell phone store, which he no doubt figured would be loaded with cash what with phones going for a thousand bucks these days. He walked in, flashed a gun and demanded that the clerk empty the register. And then things when off the rails. The clerk refused to hand over the cash, and when our bozo went behind the counter, all the employees and customers headed for the exit, which had a door that automatically locked behind them. Oops. Our bozo found himself trapped inside the store, which had bars on the door and windows. He even tried firing his gun at the lock, which seemed to have no effect. And that’s when he quickly changes his attitude. After saying to himself “oh f***, I’m going to jail,” he drops to his knees and begs to be freed, promising to never pull off a robbery again. Didn’t work. The cops soon arrived and hauled him off to jail.

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