He Just Really, Really Likes His Clam Chowder

Bozo criminal for today comes from Middletown, Connecticut, where our unidentified bozo called 911 four times to complain about someone throwing his clam chowder into the dumpster. After the fourth call, the cops were sent over to issue a summons to our bozo for misuse of the 911 system. End of story, right? Wrong. When they arrived, he yelled at the cops that he had used 911 because he knew of no other way to contact the cops. The cops explained that 911 was for emergencies only. End of story again, right? Wrong. An hour later he called 911 again. This call was simply to complain about receiving a summons for misuse of 911 on his previous calls. The cops arrived at his home again, and this time found him passed out on the bed. After rousting him out of bed, he put up a fight and refused to put on his shoes or cooperate with officers. They finally got our chowder loving bozo handcuffed and hauled him off to jail, charged with misuse of 911 (again) and interfering with police.

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