And This One ISN’T Fake

Bozo criminal for today from the International File in Suzhou, China, seemed to have come up with the ultimate bozo plan. When she needed a place to park, she would simply park in a no parking zone, get out of the car, place a fake parking ticket on her window and go about her business, figuring any cop that was going to stop to ticket her would see the slip under the wiper blade and assume another officer had gotten there first. We’re not sure how long she had gotten away with this scheme, but last week she was foiled by bad luck and Modern Technology. She parked her car directly in front of an unmarked police car. While the car was unattended, the dash cam was turned on and recorded everything, including our bozo placing the fake ticket on the windshield. Oops. She’s busted! She should get time off for creativity, though.

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