Ham ice cream is the newest thing that no one asked for

Tech 4-5-2018 Mashable 29

For the two people that believe that there's no wrong way to mash foods together, we've got great news for you. 

Taylor ham ice cream now exists.

For those who don't know, Taylor ham is basically really good ham. And New Jersey loves it so much they make it with all types of food, except dessert. Until now.

Windy Brow Farms in Sussex County, New Jersey, has just introduced the state's first Taylor ham ice cream, with a "French toast/maple element" to make it sweeter.

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doesn't get much more Jersey than this! • Taylor Ham+French Toast ice cream debuts tomorrow as part of our 'Only In Jersey' collection! #taylorham #maplesyrup #icecream #jersey @petegenovese @FoodAddictors @nytfood @NewJerseyFood @Food52 @PeopleFood pic.twitter.com/Bp4yYORCKv

— Windy Brow Farms (@WindyBrowFarms) April 21, 2018

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