People hear two different words when they play this clip and it's tearing the internet apart

Tech 15-5-2018 Mashable 26

We regret to inform you that an audio version of The Dress has arrived on our shores.

On Sunday, Redditor RolandCamry shared an audio clip of a male voice saying...something. Honestly, we can't tell you for sure, because some people hear "yanny" and some people hear "laurel." 

It is, of course, a whole thing.

The clip has since spread to Twitter, where it's perplexing people left and right. Some people swear all they hear is "yanny." Others believe, in their heart of hearts, that the voice is saying "laurel." And some people — the most infuriated, we are sure — go back and forth between the two. Can we be sure of nothing in this cold, dark world? Read more...

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