'Westworld' Season 2 went full 'Westworld'. Never go full 'Westworld'.

Tech 25-6-2018 Mashable 25

Westworld Season 1 felt like a magic trick. 

The story flashed by in bits and pieces, misdirecting the audience’s attention while carefully obscuring that which was right in front of their eyes, only to reveal the truth — the gag, really — in a breathtaking finale. 

Westworld attempted to do something similar in the show’s anticipated second season, but judging by the underwhelming final episode, the writers forgot a key part of how magic tricks work: They’re only effective the first time. If you perform the same trick twice in a row, what was magical is rendered pedestrian. 

Especially if you, uh... kind of fuck it up on the second pass. Read more...

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