The land of milk and money: Dairy farmers cope with chronically low milk prices, uncertain futures


DETROIT LAKES, Minn.—Phillip Rotz fears for his family's future in dairy farming.

His small 55-cow farm, Twin Oaks Dairy south of Detroit Lakes, has been around for about 45 years....

Spadgenske Dairy is a family-run business. Pictured are Mark and Kristine Spadgenske, center, with their son, Ryan, and Mark's twin brother, Mike. Marie Johnson / Forum News Service
Kristine Spadgenske runs Spadgenske Dairy with her husband, Mark, and his twin brother Mike. They started their farm from scratch in 1994 and have grown it into a 300-cow operation. The farm uses robotic milking technology, which is something many dairy farmers are turning to as a way to increase efficiency and raise profits in the face of low milk prices. Pictured in back is Spadgenske Dairy employee Matt Hendrickson. Marie Johnson / Forum News Service
Young cows on the Spadgenske farm line up for their suppers. Marie Johnson / Forum News Service

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