Trump supporters think their ‘election night meltdown’ videos are being deleted

Tech 20-9-2018 Mashable 19

Is YouTube deleting those popular pro-Trump video compilations mocking Democrats and liberals “melting down” over Donald Trump’s 2016 election night win?

No, but a conspiracy theory is gaining traction on Reddit alleging just that.

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On /r/The_Donald, Reddit’s main Trump community consisting of more than 650,000 members, a post detailing yet another manufactured case of tech’s “anti-conservative bias” has taken off. “HAPPENING: YouTube is CURRENTLY mass censoring and deleting videos of the 2016 election night meltdown,” the post, which currently has more than 5,000 upvotes, states. “Take a look yourself. What was previously filled with compilations and clips of Democrats losing their minds has been replaced with MSM outlets. Find what you can and save.”  Read more...

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