Adorable baby penguin has no idea what happened in 2018. Lucky jerk.

Tech 31-12-2018 Mashable 26

Imagine waking up fresh after this medium-level bin fire of a year, with no knowledge whatsoever of everything that went down.

That's the privilege of this offensively cute baby penguin, a newborn addition to the Cincinnati Zoo.

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First reported by NBC affiliate WLWT, the zoo posted a delightful photo to Facebook of the adorable one-day-old chick, and we're pretty jealous of its fresh perspective on things.

"1 day old little penguin. Welcome to the world little one," read the caption on Saturday.

The zoo has not yet announced what type of penguin the chick is, its gender or name. By Sunday, it was making infuriatingly cute chirps, at two days old.  Read more...

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