This Excuse Only Worked For Flip Wilson

Bozo criminal for today comes from Jacksonville, Florida, where bozo Gardinia Mays walked up to the desk at the Ace Rent a Car and requested a vehicle. When she was told that there were no cars available, she did what any bozo would do. She walked into the parking lot and, finding one with the keys in it, climbed in and drove off, stopping at the Travelodge less than a mile away. It was when the cops arrested her when she offered up the Bozo Excuses of the Week. First, “Y’all talking about how y’all didn’t have any cars to rent so I stole y’all’s (expletive).” And then, the ultimate excuse, “Demons told me to do it, I didn’t take it, the demons took it.” Sorry, those excuses don’t work. She’s under arrest.

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