Europol takes down criminal network that stole $100 million through GozNym malware

Tech 16-5-2019 Mashable 14

Europol has dismantled a global cybercrime network that used the GozNym malware to steal approximately $100 million, the agency announced on Thursday. 

Five members of the network have been apprehended in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia, while five remain on the run. All ten have been charged in Pittsburgh, U.S. with conspiracy to infect victims' computers with malware, steal login credentials and use them to syphon money out of victims' accounts. 

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The criminals targeted mostly businesses and financial institutions, using the sophisticated GozNym malware to infect victims' computers. The malware allowed them to steal login credentials and gain unauthorized access to victims' online bank accounts, steal the money and then launder it through U.S. and foreign bank accounts.  Read more...

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