The Only Thing Left Now Is To Blame the Theft On Her Evil Twin

Bozo criminal for today comes from Clinton, Iowa, where bozo Rachel Thompson was speeding when a cop spotted her and tried to pull her over. Instead of stopping, she fled, ran through a red light and led the cop on a chase. It was then that the sheriff’s office received a call from our bozo reporting that her car had been stolen. The caller identified the stolen car as the exact same one the officer was chasing. Let’s review. Bozo is speeding. Bozo flees from cop. Bozo calls sheriff from her cell phone to report her car stolen. Now all bozo has to do is elude the cop and she’ll be off the hook, right? Wrong. The officer radioed ahead and Stop Sticks where placed in the roadway. Busted! Our bozo was charged with eluding, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, and speeding.

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