Hold Gun In One Hand, Grab Money With Other

Bozo criminal for today comes from Paducah, Kentucky, where bozo Cody Wilson walked into the Country Inn and Suites with a t-shirt over his face and a University of Alabama sock cap on his head. He pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. The clerk tossed some money onto the counter and our bozo reached to grab it, laying his gun down in the process. Bad idea. The clerk grabbed the pistol and pointed it at our bozo who headed for the door. He didn’t get very far before he came up with the bright idea to return and ask the clerk for his gun back. Nothing doing, the clerk said and our bozo again ran out. He was stopped a short time later for a routine traffic stop and he acted so nervous that the officer decided to take a look inside the car. He found the t-shirt and cap and a computer that had been reported stolen earlier in the day. Busted!

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