Henry Golding tells hilariously sweet story about his attempts to befriend Matthew McConaughey

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Who wouldn't want to be friends with Matthew McConaughey?

Certainly not Henry Golding. When he started filming with the legendary actor on the new Guy Ritchie movie The Gentleman, he already had visions of a blossoming friendship.

"I remember going in on my first day, thinking, 'I'm gonna be best friends with Matthew McConaughey!'" Golding tells Jimmy Fallon in the clip above. "'We're gonna go for, like, Sunday walks in the park, we're gonna go for dinner, our wives are gonna be best buddies, I'm gonna go for yoghurt with him on, like, Saturdays.'"

Obviously that's an adorable aspiration, but the reality didn't quite pan out that way. At least not at first. Luckily, there was a good reason. Read more...

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