Tesla Model 3 and Model S just aced their report cards again

Tech 3 weeks ago Mashable 15

Consumer Reports likes Tesla — again. 

After snubbing the Tesla Model 3 earlier this year due to reliability issues perceived by owners, the organization announced on Thursday that both the Model 3 and the Model S have regained "recommended" status. 

According to CR, its members reported fewer problems with stuck latches or malfunctioning doors on the Tesla Model 3, and fewer issues with paint and trim quality on the Model S. Generally, members reported fewer issues with body hardware for both Tesla models. 

The organization originally gave extremely high scores to the Tesla Model S, awarding it 103 out of a maximum of 100 points in 2015. But as reports about reliability issues mounted, CR backtracked on its glowing recommendations. Early Model 3 vehicles were widely reported as problematic, partly due to Tesla's "production hell" as the company ramped up production numbers.  Read more...

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