Posting photos of what you cook is a net good

Tech 22-1-2020 Mashable 16
Posting photos of what you cook is a net good

Mashable's new series Don't @ Me takes unpopular opinions and backs them up with reasons. We all have our ways, but we may just convince you to change yours. And if not, chill.

Getting smarmy about food posts is a classic contrarian move, but you're better than that. 

The stigma around Instagramming your meals has let up in recent years, but the internet’s finest joy-haters still love to say that, actually, no one cares what you had for breakfast. Well, maybe they don’t. But plenty of people do. In fact, without food Instagram, we’d lose one of the few wholesome experiences the internet has left — and it’s likely that fewer people would be inspired to start cooking. Read more...

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