Criminal Mastermind Captured

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Billy Majors for sending in today’s report from Pottsville, Arkansas. It seems our bozo was involved in an incident where he was fleeing from the cops on a motorcycle he had allegedly stolen. He jumped off the motorcycle and ran across Interstate 40 into a wooded area where he was able to avoid arrest. End of story, right? Wrong. Our bozo was so proud of himself that he posted details of his exploits on his Facebook page and even took a picture of a T-shirt he had made up showing the stolen motorcycle and a police flyer asking for help in finding the “criminal mastermind” who had escaped capture. Long story short, he was wanted on charges related to another incident and that investigation led to his Facebook page and the recovery of the helmet he was wearing during the chase. Busted! He’s in jail on charges of theft and fleeing arrest. 
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