But Wait! He Left Without Weed Eating?

We’re sure our bozo had a motive for this crime but we’re left scratching our heads on this one from Port Arthur, Texas. Home surveillance video caught our bozo taking a lawnmower from the garage. He then went back to retrieve a large gas can, which he used to fuel the mower. He then fled, right? Nope. What do you do with a fully fueled lawnmower? You mow the yard, of course! The video even shows him stopping to move a broken picket fence post so he could take care of that spot. And did we mention he did the back yard, too? The homeowner must not have been satisfied with his work as he called the cops to report what was going on. Our bozo fled, initially taking the mower with him before ditching it in an nearby alley. Cops are asking for help in finding our rogue lawn care specialist. 
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