Stephen Colbert's robot update features a solid Elon Musk burn

Tech 21-6-2022 Mashable 42
Stephen Colbert's robot news

Forget "Meanwhile", Stephen Colbert has a shiny new segment called "Cyborgasm" these days, and it's all about – you guessed it – robots.

In the clip above, the Late Show host riffs on the latest android and tech news, covering everything from Google's AI to people's thoughts on sex robot threesomes before inevitably turning his attention to Tesla.

"There are reports that Tesla could have a working humanoid robot by September of 2022," says Colbert, bringing up a photo of CEO Elon Musk. "Good, because Tesla's current humanoid robot has been malfunctioning lately."

In fairness, judging by Musk's Twitter feed, we're not so sure about the word "lately".

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