Get some free Amazon Prime Day credit when you see 'Lightyear' in theaters

Tech 21-6-2022 Mashable 46
Buzz Lightyear looking into the distance

TL;DR: As of June 21, you can get a $5 Amazon Prime Day credit with any purchase of Lightyear merch or a ticket to see the movie in theaters. Buy both a ticket and merch and you'll get a $10 credit.

These days, plenty of people are heading back to theaters and remembering what it's like to pay too much for popcorn in exchange for the ✨vibes✨.

To incentivize you to have such an outing, Amazon is offering a $5 Prime Day coupon to any Prime member who buys an Atom movie ticket to see Lightyear. Another $5 coupon is available for those who shop select Lightyear merch (ranging from themed UNO to action figures), so if you have kids who are a fan of the Space Ranger, you can buy them a toy and get $5 credit yourself.

Amazon's offer is valid through Prime Day (July 12-13) and only available in limited quantities, so if you were planning on seeing Lightyear anyway, act fast and snag a coupon before they run out. The credit can only be used on Prime Day deals, but considering how many there typically are and the wide range (can anyone ever not find at least one thing they want on Amazon?), you're probably going to be able to use your $5.

UNO Card box with Lightyear themed images and cards
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Credit: Mattel Lightyear Toys Store
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