'Thor: Love and Thunder' clip shows Thor running into not 1, but 2, exes

Tech 23-6-2022 Mashable 32
Two superhero characters stand side-by-side.

Running into your ex, both human and weapon, is always a moment.

It's one even gods have to deal with, including Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the upcoming Marvel instalment, Thor: Love and Thunder. Appearing on The Late Show, director/co-writer/star Taika Waititi showed a clip from the film to host Stephen Colbert (after a quick chat about Thor's butt).

The clip shows Korg (Waititi) and Thor entering a room where they immediately see Jane Foster, now Jane-Thor (Natalie Portman), casually holding Thor's old weapon Mjölnir — it's not the first time we've seen Portman in her evolved role, but it's still fun.

Skip to 4:37 in the clip above to have a look.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas July 8.

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