Well, At Least His Mom Taught Him To Never Give Up

Bozo criminal for today comes from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, where our bozo had a plan to do a smash and grab at the local Kay Jewelry store. He parks right up front and casually strolls in, pulls a brick out of the pocket of his baggy shorts and goes to work on the display case. He slams the brick into the glass but it doesn’t shatter. So he hits it again. Still no luck. Now the employees are running to the front of the store to stop him so he picks up the pace. Slam! Fail. Slam! Fail. He hits the case nine times with the brick and still it doesn’t give way. Finally an employee chases him out of the building and he jumps into his car and drives away. She got the license plate and the video camera got a good picture of him. Cops expect to make an arrest soon. 
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