John Oliver slams the U.S. response to monkeypox

Tech 8-8-2022 Mashable 38
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With cases of monkeypox on the rise in America, John Oliver focused his latest episode of Last Week Tonight on the virus, talking about what monkeypox actually is before detailing the many ways the U.S. has responded inadequately to it — from the 20 million vaccines allowed to expire to the difficulty in acquiring treatment.

"Even if we do contain this outbreak, and even if we build up our public health infrastructure, there is a bigger conversation worth having here," says Oliver. "Because for far too long, we've indulged in the magical thinking that viruses that exist somewhere else a) don't matter, and b) will stay there — and monkeypox is such a clear example of how floored and racist that thinking is.

"We had 20 million doses of a vaccine that could've helped countries in Africa that were known to be high risk for outbreaks — and we didn't help them. And we're still not helping them."

Got questions about the vaccine? We've put together an explainer on everything you need to know about monkeypox and an FAQ on who can get the vaccine and how you can.

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