Shudder's eerie 'Raven's Hollow' trailer sees a 19th century town hiding a dark secret

Tech 10-8-2022 Mashable 30
A close-up shot showing a man's face looking very strained and afraid.

Sometimes it's more effective when trailers — especially the scary ones — don't actually tell us all that much.

That's certainly the case in Shudder's trailer for Christopher Hatton's Raven's Hollow, which sees Edgar Allen Poe (William Mosely) as a West Point cadet, making an unpleasant discovery in a small upstate New York community in the 19th century.

Also starring Melanie Zanetti and Kate Dickie, the rest of the trailer is pretty much a series of very brief, very creepy images, which doesn't give too much away but does create an impressively creepy atmosphere.

Raven's Hollow is available to stream on Shudder from Sept 22.

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